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so like in the same universe as this and so dean goes with cas and meets the royalty of artauni and like they fully approve of dean because he can learn their ways and adapt pretty easily and so he and cas get engaged which on artauni they are given more tattoos, and only royalty get the naval blue-ish ink and so dean gets that, and the engagement tattoo is like this weird thing around the base of the neck and so basicaly everyone knows on sight that he’s engaged to cas and omfg when dean meets back up with sam “hey i got engaged to the prince of artauni”

i really fucking want that converted bus like wow


prompt from puppetere:

dean wakes up to cas in the shower singing tiny little enochian hymns

At first it’s faint, a distant thumping within his chest which coils and slithers comfortably around until he can no longer breathe the way he does in sleep. He opens an eye and gives himself a couple seconds to notice. The pattering of water against tiles, the gentle swish of rivulets pouring down skin, the hum of a voice captured in echoes.

Dean lifts himself from the bed, pulling in a lungful of air as he rises and the sheets pool around his bare waist.

He’s hearing words which he can’t repeat to save his life, but every syllable quivers through his ears as if they’re begging for his attention, wrapping him up in vibrations. He slowly stands up and heads for the bathroom door. The water and words behind it are muffled, but in his head it feels like the twanging of strings, like a human tongue made of bell chimes stroking his spine up and down, calling for him.

“Cas,” he rasps with a knock on the door, clears his throat, then almost fucking purrs.

In reply, the pull on his chest eases and the humming stops. Dean’s jaw suddenly slackens.

“Dean,” he can hear through the door. “Come in.”

So he turns the knob and lets the sound of the shower wash over his senses full-force. He closes the door behind him while peering narrowly at the hotel shower curtain of off-white and floral print. A hand emerges from the side and pushes the curtain back a tad, revealing the dripping curve of a chin and tufts of dark brown hair plastered to a temple. Cas smiles.

“Baby, it’s eight in the morning. We don’t got anywhere to be soon,” Dean manages with a grunt.

Cas shakes his head and extends a hand invitingly. “It’s alright, Dean,” Cas replies, “Come over here.

Or at least that’s what it seems like he says. Because Dean is not entirely sure anymore what he’s hearing when the gentle trill of warmth flows across his skin once again. His eyes flutter for a second, allowing the feeling to pass like a breeze, before he lands Cas with an incredulous look.

“The hell was that?” he mumbles under his breath, too distracted with confusion to protest when Cas reaches forward, gently takes his hand, and sequesters him past the curtains into the porcelain tub.

The water is perfectly scorching when it bounces against his back, but Dean only sighs and allows Cas to lean into his chest, wrapping arms across the wide expanse of his shoulder blades. Although the feeling of their flesh melding together beneath the onslaught of warmth and steam almost knocks Dean back to sleep, he fights it in favor of threading his fingers through Cas’s sudsy hair, shampoo bubbles clinging to his nose on contact. He laughs a little as he watches the water sweep the bubbles away.

Cas doesn’t seem bothered with the way Dean is scrubbing lazily against his scalp, planting his chin onto the top of his forehead like a young child on a kitchen table. In fact, if Dean has to guess from the press of Cas’s lips on his sternum and the exhale he feels over his neck, the little dork’s probably smiling.

“Beloved creation, I will protect you.”

And Dean gasps out a breath like it was ripped from his throat.

Cas is humming again, saying words Dean can’t understand but sort of can. There’s a feeling of a barrier encasing him, cloistering him within sound and temperature and hazy affection rolling soothingly through his ribcage like syrup. He lets go of Cas’s hair and drags his palms down until they’re resting right at the dip of Cas’s back, his thumbs stroking water over soft skin.

“Cas,” he breathes, “Not complaining or anything here, but what the fuck is happening?”

“They’re songs,” Cas thankfully explains in English, rubbing his bottom lip against Dean’s collarbone, “Enochian protective chants which strengthen the potency of your wards.”

Dean nods, liking the sound of that, whatever the hell it actually means.  “Hmmm,” he intelligently replies, and wiggles his hands even lower to grip supple flesh.

Cas chuckles deeply, pressing kisses to Dean’s skin in between exotic little angel words that send Dean’s senses thrumming with anticipation. He feels the now familiar flow of something distinctly holy and distinctly Cas ebbing through his bones, and lets himself take it in like air.

Moving to —» andcastiel


i will not be active there until Friday, and if you can, spread this so people know.

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Track Title: Life In Color

Artist: OneRepublic

Album: Native

lyrics ]

okay so i am really actually tired but it’s only 7:30 but i can’t write anything tonight basically so tomorrow the next part to the phone fic thing will be up, and i’ll hopefully finish it before the end of next week. i’ll put it up on ao3 too so wooo!!

Chris Pine
People Like Us Interview (x)

guess who remembered about her prince au hahahaha

chapter is up!!

so i don’t really think anything else can be written for this chapter? like idk but it seems pretty done so i’m gonna edit and post it up. i’ll put a link when it is



hey if anyone could point me in the direction of some kirkspock hs!aus that are long-ish (maybe between 10-40k?) i would love you


I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new art lately but here’s an old highschool!au Kirk/Spock doodle I found from a couple of weeks ago.


I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new art lately but here’s an old highschool!au Kirk/Spock doodle I found from a couple of weeks ago.